DIET GUIDE TO ASSIST CHILDREN WITH AUTISM v4.0 The following diet plan is a culmination of 600 hours of research, reading four books about Autism and taking exhaustive notes while implementing this plan. And, of course, witnessing the actual improvement(s) while caring for a non-verbal autistic female child for nearly two years. Proof positive results. "THE REAL HERO -- SUPER NU-THERA" SUPER NU-THERA "WITH" A and D(Tropical Flavor): 29 oz. $53.00 Super Nu-Thera is a liquid dietary supplement designed exclusively for autism. You can read about Super Nu-Thera at Kirkman Laboratories website: • v4.0 • copyright © 1997-2012 - all rights reserved • 011512|09:00.PM.PDT.GMT-8